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In completely unrelated news, our vacuum finally disgusted my spouse to the point that we went out to get a new one. We took my dad. I was eyeing the Dysons on the pricey end of the Target line-up. I feel guilty about this, because I know that making moon eyes in front of my father and husband is powerful stuff, but they ended up splitting it and I am now the delighted owner of a REAL vacuum. This thing will suck out your SOUL. We collected really disturbing amounts of pet hair and nameless particulates. It's awesome.

So I am settling in for the evening with the virtuous feeling of the kitchen being clean (my dad cleaned it), the children fed (our friends fed them), the floors REALLY clean (we did that), and we both worked out and had a healthy and delicious salad for dinner (spring mix, turkey bacon, chopped egg, a bit of blue cheese and balsamic vinaigrette). Life is good. Knock wood.

I want to plan for this week as having A Plan last week helped me break my stall. In review, last week I did manage to:

1. avoid carbs at dinner
2. get some extra hikes in
3. do 4 out of 5 workouts
4. log

Did not do so hot with the HITT training-- managed a little tonight, but it was puny. For next week, I would like to continue with all the above and add one modest thing, which is

5. make some ice tea so I don't drink so much soda. Stuff is so sweet, I believe it makes you crave sugar. Oh, and a final goal, though I am wary of being able to achieve this:

6. do not make such a heinous piglet out of myself on Cheat Day. I should be enjoying Cheat Day and instead I feel sort of anxious and uncontrolled. Most of the time I feel well-nourished so it's not too hard sidestepping the junk. But not on Saturday. After a donut, two slices of pie and a nutty bar, my body is kind of throwing up its hands and asking, "What am I supposed to do with this? This is fuel?" You're sort of hungry even though you've had millions of calories. Not sure what the plan is for Saturdays but I'm open to suggestions (except for cutting out Cheat Day. No no no no. Cheat Day rocks.)

A great week to all of us.


  1. Great goals for the week. It helps having a plan going into it.

    Speaking of Dysons, we bought one a few years ago and have never regretted it. It was quite a bit more than any vaccum we had ever had, but it has already lasted twice as long. I love how they are so easy to work on (this coming from a non-mechanic type guy).

  2. Glad to hear it's holding up. We have a sheddy dog and go through vacuums like, well, like Nutty Bars on Cheat Day. My Dad is a retired engineer so he had fun poring over how it was made.


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