Not so much on my Plan, because that is pretty darn flexible so that "Cheating" is much harder to manage. If I miss a day of exercise or eat one of my daughter's fries (did both yesterday) I don't consider that a cheat. I'll consider it Carb Refeeding, or Not Overtraining. See? It's all in the language. We'll see how far my semantics get me. Anyway, I'm not in the midst of a quart of strawberry ice cream, nor am I stepping out on my well-loved spouse. No, I'm posting before I exercise.

Didn't work out yesterday (apart from 2 mile AT walk with Dad) because I had a sinus headache at night. Mine are resistant so I figured I'd break into the heavy painkillers I have left over from some procedure, expecting a mild buzz and no headache as I drifted off to sleep. Well, maybe it was the lack of sufficient carbohydrates in my system, because I ended up feeling very sick, slightly dizzy, and sti1l had a sinus headache. Not to self: that's why the bottle's still full, goobnut!

I also want to take a minute to celebrate that I broke my plateau last week and it's still kinda busted. I am just over halfway to my 19 pound, ten percent goal. If I can get Cheat Day under reasonable proportions, I can see eating this way forever-- I feel good, I like the food, and I'm not hungry, or at least if I get hungry I don't have to stay that way. I miss the chips and potato skins and desserts during the week, but I have to admit I feel and digest better on non-Cheat Days. I doubt I will get truly thin as in BMI-of-22 on this system, but at this point I'm hoping I won't have to get truly thin. I just want to not be diabetic. That's not entirely in my hands, but I intend to do what I can.

Now I better work out. TWO rest days IS cheating.


  1. I love your mastery of workout semantics! "Not Overtraining" is definitely a keeper, I'm gonna be using that one myself.

  2. Congratulations on breaking the plateau!

  3. Great way of looking at it Larkspur. Also, it's great to read you are leaving a plateau way behind. I hope the workout went well.


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