Don't feel good. Can't pin down what it is, just don't feel good mentally or physically. I worked a little today and I am going to take the kids for a round of minigolf. I will produce something for dinner and then I plan to crawl into a hole and arrange my tentacles around me like an octopus retreating into a crevice. So no working out and no awesomeness and probably no fat loss for a bit. I would love something refined and cheesy or jam-covered but I compromised on a piece of toasted Ezekiel and a whey shake. I'm waving a friendly tentacle at you all and hoping you have a great, health-enhancing couple of days.


  1. I'm sorry to hear you don't feel good. That can really put a damper on healthy living, but it sounds as if you diverted that today. Maybe it is just a 24 hour thing and you will wake up tomorrow refreshed.

  2. Awh, I hope you feel better. Really hope you aren't get sick. Hang in there.


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