Extremely Dull Shopping Post

You were warned, remember.

I imagine normal people can spend less than five hours picking one outfit-- or in my case, 66% of an outfit if you count the belt. That's the bad news. I hit (quick tally) too damn many stores-- ten maybe total? Five or six today with my seven year old in tow. She was actually great. She's at the fashionista age, has opinions about everything, zippered stuff for me and mostly managed to leave the jewelry alone and keep her fingers off the mirrors. My favorite quote is when I tried on a weird but interesting skirt at J Jill. She eyed me critically and said, "I can't compliment you on that." Okay! Back on the rack!

The other nice part is the way weight training rearranges your figure. I am not that much lighter but sales ladies were making agreeable comments like, "Well, you have a small waist," and "Try the medium, you can always get the large if you need it." So I would be feeling all that except for the fact that I tried on 90,000 outfits and only a few things looked Great, and I have to look Great because I may be meeting some people whom I perceive as having slighted my excellent spouse, and it is important that I look as blonde and luscious and brainy and casually scornful as I possibly can. Now that I think of it, no wonder I didn't find much. Also, in retail terms it's fall, so it's all woolly looking things and blazers. I'm not going to look brainy wearing wool in July.

Ultimately I got the drapey top at Chico's which is divinely comfortable and I've been wanting it anyway. I also fell victim to a Hip Belt. I came of age in the 80s, what can I say. Gonna get me some shoulder pads next. I would show you all a picture but my camera died, which is just as well, because a person with no head wearing a hip belt is probably not going to convey the concept I'm going for. Also, my husband just walked in and wanted to know what I wanted the camera for and it's awkward explaining I wanted a picture of my hip belt for my blog. I'm afraid he's going to think I'm involved in some kind of diet blogging porn.

My Gowear Fit is clucking its tongue over my output today, partly because I took it off while I was shopping. I'm sore from 80 tap squats yesterday and tired. Also, it's raining out. I think I may just have to let it be disappointed in me today.


  1. I love your daughter's comment. I may have to steal that the next time my wife takes me shopping. Then again, I may need to think that out. :-)

    Make it a great day!

  2. "diet blogging porn"

    I LOVE IT! Makes blogging sound kinky ... lol

    I also love your daughter's comment. We all need someone like that when we go shopping. I have a friend who will tell me "hell no" when I need to hear it. Sometimes it's hard because I like the outfit but ultimately, she's right. Just don't tell her that :P


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