I get to post. I did my workout, you see. Yesterday too. I didn't bust any gussets today because I took a lovely hour walk on the Appalachian Trail with my dad and five kids (two were borrowed). Also, I increased reps (Harley said to) to 30 with 3 sets, which kicked my ass yesterday. Today is lunge day. No way I can do 90 lunges, uh-uh. Did 45 and sprint/walked around the block for my bit of cardio afterwards.

Then I settled in cozily with my spouse and started reading scary things on the Internet about insulin resistance. I could be writing my sexy romance novel. What is wrong with me? There was some interest theories about how insulin resistance can cause weight gain (that sounds right to me), though if you Eat Like a Grown-Up in the first place, you can probably avoid a whole lot of grief. I am eating more or less grown-up now, though earlier would have been better, sigh.

On the bright side, that Finnish study suggests that doing what I'm doing (1/2 hour of exercise a day, cut trans/saturated fats, lose 5% of body weight, increase fiber) can fend off diabetes quite nicely. I'm going to stop testing BS every morning until I lose another five pounds or so, but I think I'm going in the right direction. Trying to talk myself into counting calories and limiting to 1600 a day for a while, see if I can make some more progress. Even though Cranky Fitness posted a link to an interesting study which found (like a 2005 study) that overweight (not obese) people actually live longer than normal weight people.

For this week, I need to:

--eat more fruits/vegies and less soy cereal. Too much Go Lean mixed with Go Lean Crunch (it's easy, what can I say)
--fill out the worksheets I will really truly print up tomorrow in preparation for Sunday (tomorrow being Cheat! Day!)
--chill out and have fun and stop reading scary articles
-- be happy about the fact that I bought a Medium shirt at the Gap and it fits, more or less. I mean, it has a slight quality of "Hi! Here's my rack!" but I can get it on and everything. That's the first Medium I've bought since my soon-to-be-a-12-grade son was born.


  1. Sounds like you're totally doing all the right things about insulin resistance!

    I love to hear about all the positive things you and your husband are doing for your health (and how great your relationship is!).

  2. I saw a comment by you on I too started dieting primarily because of blood sugar (and other health reasons. I am anxious to follow you and see how you do. The best to you.

  3. GL to us both, Steve. It's a good motivator, isn't it?


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