The name of the deeply silly movie I am watching with the family post-workout. This week six stuff is kicking my butt-- 3 sets of 30 reps, yikes. Scale still heartlessly unmoved though I have been a good lass with my food. I want a Body Bugg. I think it might help me break through this plateau; although I could just break down and eat at 1600 (yuck) or add more activity (better).


  1. Remember the scale is heartless and a liar. I think the tape is a much better guide, as is how our clothes fit. Good job -- keep it up!

  2. If you are looking into a Body Bugg, consider a heart rate monitor instead. Even Jillian from Biggest Loser says that, and the BB is all over BL! The BB uses arm motion to determine calorie burn instead of your heart rate, so it's not always accurate, and is also more expensive than a HRM. JM said that she will have the contestants take the thing off when spinning for example, and just input the exercise manually in the software. The only advantage the BB has is that it comes with the software program and if you wear it all day long, and input all your food, it will tell you your calorie deficit/surplus for the day. And you could duplicate that pretty easily with a calorie tracking website and your HRM. I know what my BMR is (google BMR calculator if you don't) without exercise, so I just wear the HRM while working out so I can add that to my BMR and know what my burn is for the day. I have a Polar and love it - instead of having time goals, I have calorie burning goals, or I make a game out of seeing how many calories/minute I can get up to, etc., and it's cool to look at an entire week or month and see how many exercise hours I got in, and how many calories I've burned over that time. Ok - I swear I do not work for any HRM company but commerical's over!! Best of Luck to you :-)

  3. That's a good thought about the HRM. I was looking for something that would log all the extra bits during the day, not just the Official Workout. Something to encourage general activity versus slothdome. Wonder if a HRM can help with that?


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