That One Again

First:  results from yesterday.  Yes, all those techniques worked brilliantly.  Any hunger I felt was tied to direct need, rather than that restless "something's not right" feeling.  Per my phone app (this thing is a BLAST, you just scan barcodes for the most part and the most obscure foods come up instantly) I ended up at about 1940 calories and 194 carbs, or a Zone-y range of 33% fat, 38% carbs, and 28% protein.  It was a lot of calories but I lifted weights, took a short bike ride, and tromped around Hershey Park for 3 plus hours, so I feel good about it.

Today I had popcorn for a snack which I suspect is a no-no.  You can founder yourself on air-popped popcorn for relatively modest calories, but I'm past 200 carbs already and I haven't had dinner yet.  Also under the weather today so I'm not going to exercise & it will be more difficult to use them in a productive manner :)

My husband and youngest daughter came home from Florida today.  Woot!

Bought some spinach.  Perhaps tomorrow I'll attempt my first green smoothie.  Way behind the pack here, but that's okay.


  1. Hey you! So glad to see you back in the game!! :)


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