Ugh II

Daughter number two is laid up with a bad sprain, and daughter number one just called me late last night from West Philadelphia where she is staying for an internship.  She had flank pain and wasn't sure how to get to the emergency room. Poor kid. She's on antibiotics for kidney infection and feeling better, but I am 3 hours away and not able to leave or help because I'm volunteering at camp. It's a wonderful camp and the people are beautiful, but it is very hard not to be able to leave to help either daughter or my poor stressed out husband.

I do have time, because the camp has been quiet.  I read this article which is nothing new to people who read a lot on the subject-- the research suggests exercise alone doesn't help all that much with weight loss.  My personal view is that lots of continuous movement helps quite a lot, but occasional bursts like Zumba three times a week don't accomplish much from a weight loss perspective. I'm glad to see the beauty of exercise emphasized in the article-- as in, don't give up on it just because it's not the answer to obesity. It is interesting that of my chosen weight loss reads this year (not such a shocker, since I start with a bias), none of them endorse hard exercise for weight loss.

If you're looking for an amusing tool, here's the USDA's Body Weight Planner which is linked in the article.

Have been trying to figure out my new techniques at a place where I have limited choice over what I eat. It's been a little awkward-- what do you do when hate the only entree?-- but with the help of a stash of nuts and chocolate, I've been making it work I think. When I nipped back to bring my injured girl home, I stepped on the scale and I had lost four pounds since I started less than a week ago, but my weight fluctuates a lot and I don't want to get too hung up on the numbers.  I do check regularly, because (a) it's just a number, and not a measure of my human worth and (b) I don't like bad surprises. It's like giraffes on the savannah-- you keep that lion in sight, she's not going to hurt you.


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