So, when last we visited our heroine, summer was going great.  Up like a rocket, down like a stick. I found out Friday I have Medical Things that have to be dealt with-- hopefully it will all be okay in the end, but testing and visits and possible surgery are in my future.  And then on Monday my beautiful, sweet 14 year old broke or badly sprained her ankle 2 weeks before her fancy ballet Summer Intensive in Seattle. So lots of crying over the last week.  Let other pens dwell on guilt and misery, etc.

I have to say I am really on board with the Fat Me Not system.  It fits me to a T and very much accords with my own views on weight control. It's super easy, and it's portable. I'm at camp right now and all I have to think about is filling my plate appropriately and drinking water with and between meals. I love that I can have my sweet treats but I don't get those urgent cravings, perhaps partly because I have been awash in misery, but I think my body is happier too.  My problems with gas and GERD are better. I enjoy my food more and think about it way less. I've lost a few pounds but I am hoping to eat this way going forward regardless, because I feel way better whether or not I lose significant weight. I do think it results in fewer calories generally.  I am not sure why this one clicked-- I think it's the way she presented the information, and key for me is the 18 grams of sugar at a time guideline.  I used to put my reluctant kids to bed with the reminder, "More fun tomorrow!" and I use that when I eat six blocks of chocolate or 1 cookie-- more fun next time.  So combined with wearing my fit bit and the relative ease in summer of getting 10K steps in, that part of my life is going well.

So if anyone is reading this and wants to try it, here are the key concepts, though I recommend you buy the Kindle book for $2:

1. Eat meals off a nine inch plate, half for produce, one quarter starch and one quarter protein.

2. Limit sugar to 18 grams at a time.

3. Drink 8 oz of water before and after meals (basically a poor man's gastric balloon)

4. Eat every 3-4 hours, 3 meals, two snacks.

Gorgeous day, I have 4500 up on my Fit Bit.  I could do work, or I could ramble around outside a little bit.  All things considered, I think I'm going for the latter.


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