Can I Share My Testimony?

So I am in the evangelist stage of my Thing. My adult son and daughter have been very good natured about it. My son even said he'd do NoS with me. My son is a young adult "flatting" with friends (actually they share a house, but I love that term. Check out the New Zealand vampire flick "What We Do In The Shadows" if you want a rather gross giggle.)  So there's not a lot of regularity to his meal structure. I am feeling rather preachy about the value of fasting between meals, if you can dignify a five hour span with that term. It's reaaaally hard initially if you're not used to it, but once your body gets the memo and stops pumping out insulin 18 hours a day (I am picturing these overworked drones manning the beta cells), it gets so. much. easier.  DH is onboard (he always quietly does whatever health measure I'm attempting, without much vocalization or apparent difficulty.  At least until it came to quitting diet soda. That he has found quite tough.)

It's not that NoS is easy, necessarily, but it's the easiest method I've found that's effective. The weekends are a little easier to manage because they feel like a relaxing of boundaries rather than a snatch and grab. Though there is some snatch and grab going on when there's stress, to be sure.  I enjoy the gentle practice of self-care-- this little piece of discipline that makes me feel somehow, I dunno, more complete as a person. There's less GERD and flatulance (the beloved power couple!) and more gustatory and social enjoyment at meals.  My weight trend is down instead of up (yay) so even if it's quite slow, I'm okay with it.

Note to self-- some foods I want to eat daily or close to it:

dates, figs, prunes in moderation
whole grains/rye
whole grain cereal
broccoli (thank you, Rainbow Salad)

A commenter nudged me about my exercise. Which is a Thing. I do a few Sun Salutations here and there and work in the garden, but it's definitely waaaay lacking. My life is pretty filled with work and second shift, and I'm not good about making room for it.  I noticed a local Jazzercise class I'd like to try.  (How not-hard-core can you get?) But it's better to start somewhere. So next time I check in  I hope to have more to report.


  1. Hello!! I'm so glad you're back and stopped by my blog again too. Woo Hoo!!

    I've caught up on your recent posts and it sounds like a good plan. I've had this conversation with my grandmother about how we never used to snack as much between meals like we do nowadays.

    Keep up the good work, kudos to hjsbnds like ours who support our efforts and I look forward to hearing more about your journey.


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