I remember this part.  

You've been cruising along for a few days and it seem SO EASY... you're planning your magazine interview in your head, charmingly explaining how you simply and sensibly lost that unhealthy 40 pounds that was dragging you down.  Well, I do that, anyway.  I get amazingly overconfident, considering I've been planning that interview in one form or another since Clinton was elected the first time. 

I've been feeling great on the 5-factorish-system which is basically Clean Eating as defined partly by Harley P. and partly by me.  I dropped 2 pounds instantly (10% of my 10%, right?) and I was feeling free of cravings and hungry in the way that I imagine normal people experience hunger, rather than the way insulin-resistant people know it-- that need to cram carbohydrates into the most efficient orifice available.  We'd inject them if it were faster.  I figure it's all the sugar circulating in my blood stream rather than getting admission into my finicky cells.   I must have some sort of bouncer in there, looking over the glucose molecules with a jaded eye.  When I Eat Like a Grownup (ooh, good blog title!), there seems to be more sugar in my cells and less in my blood.  I don't flirt with that deep-seated need for licorice nips or local pastry.  Until today when I had a sinus headache and only the BOM (Best of Men) restrained me at the local Wegman's by reminding me that Cheat Day is tomorrow and I can fall into a Costco's cheesecake headfirst and Harley Pasternak will personally shake my hand.   

So I had half a larabar and tallied my calories.  I don't usually like tallying calories but on The Daily Plate it's sort of alluring.  You get a little pie chart with your protein and carbohydrates, your fiber intake, grams of sugar (Larabars!) and all that jazz.  I also did my exercise (elliptical, weight training, core work, elliptical) which sounds really hardcore until you realize I only spend 25 minutes total.  Tomorrow is Cheat Day.  Let's see if I can find a volunteer to eat 9/10s of a Costco Cheesecake.


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