That's Pilates + Yoga for the uninitiated, which was me until 3 hours ago.

I'm hastening on from my last post. I feel like I kind of threw up on my blog. Sorry, guys.

I actually did get a little nauseous from this evening's Pi/Yo. I recaptured my gym bag and made another attempt in the afternoon. Imagine someone in an ADD fugue state, expecting some quiet breathing and gentle, centering exercise, being guided into intensely difficult throw-up-y postures set to aquarium music. It was hard and it was dull and I did a lot of shaking, all of it unintentional. The instructor was extremely nice and the other students have my utmost respect. I barely got out alive and they were agreeing it was so much easier than straight Pilates. I am now terrified of Pilates, though I am looking forward to another go at Zumba! (You have to write Zumba! with an exclamation point. You just do.)

I also want to get back to 5-Factoring, because 75 tap squats with Muse blasting in your ears is soooo much easier than those evil plank thingies (who thought up those?) and Jane Fonda-style leglifts which if it were up to me would have been left stranded back in the '80s. I was also displeased with my tummy at Pi/Yo. I could deal with being crimson-faced and unattractive while upside-down, but I was not so accepting of what I am suspicious is a mushier tum tum. What's that about? I haven't gained weight! I think it's because I've strayed from the faith and haven't done my weights since Monday. I'll try to rectify that and I'm sure my tummy will shrink right back into line. Right? Right.


  1. Threw up on your blog? Welcome to my world.

  2. I didn't see anything wrong with your last post. You were just being real, which is part of the beauty of blogging.

    BTW, planks may suck, but I love them when I am done with them. :-) It sounds like an interesting workout. I would have went in with the same attitude you had, and would have probably left just like you did.

  3. I thought your last blog post was great! It's honest, and that's what I love to read.

    That workout sounds really hard. I'm glad you survived!!

  4. The new workout sounds interesting. I'm not sure I could handle it, but it does intrigue me. Zumba! on the other hand, sounds wonderful. Once I get some advice on my knee, I'm going to give that a whirl.

  5. Loved your "throw up" post, and I can totally relate to the disorganizaton/stress issues, and I'm not juggling nearly the number of things you are!

    Zumba! indeed sounds fun. I'm not much of a dvd person so I'm hoping one day my gym gets some Zumba! classes going.


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