Don't Drown

"It will ruin your whole day."

Very sound advice I got off a bumper sticker today. I'm not really drowning, but you know when the surf is too rough and you're rolling around with water up your nose and sand in your mouth? That's me. I'm making my best effort to high tail it for shore. I'll let you know when I get there.

I told them at work today I need to cut my hours drastically. Twenty hours morphed into 30. My days are spent with my heart in my mouth racing around trying to make everything all right, on the phone or charting. I haven't exercised since Saturday, my eating's been un-great, with some definite stress eating in there. I want to do right by my very decent employers (it's not their fault, it's just the nature of the business.)

I am cheered up by 266's very dear passing on of an award in which I get to mention 10 things that make me happy. So let's do that:

1. My practically-always-sunny 8 year old. She loves life and it loves her back.
2. Sun
3. Fires and candles and their warm, wavering light
4. The day I just spent at Longwood with my husband and my best friend
5. My husband, the Human Valium
5a. Realizing he makes enough to support us and I don't have to be a crazy woman. Yet, anyway.
6. Best friend, who is clergy and kinda like Human Xanax
7. Bulbs, seedlings, my ivy topiaries which are turning into a cottage industry around here
8. Cozy blogs. Check out It's a housie blog, not a WL blog, but it's lovely.
10. My splendid children. When I got back from our day trip they crowded around me with big hugs and I knew I was home.

I will tag Jane of The Year of Moving Forward, Gina of Fit by 41, Maybe 42, and Leah of My New Ending. You may already have been tagged but I gotcha! When I get on my computer with my html cheat sheet I will link your blogs properly, so hang on for that.

Signing off for now. The next couple of weeks are going to be rough, but after that I should be coming up for air. I hope to keep reading and cheering you on, supressing my sulky side that's mad because I'm not getting much done in this part of my life right now. I have to remind myself it's been less than a week since I got to Zumba. I keep expecting my ring to get tight again and my size 12s to start popping off my body, but so far it's okay. If you hear a bursting sound and buttons flying you'll know what happened.

Have a great week, dears.


  1. Try and find even 5-10 minute pockets of time that you can exercise-even "just" dance: it will help relieve stress and is far better at that than eating poorly.

    I just got through the rough patch that is our annual fiscal closing; I feel your pain.

  2. Hope the stress is gone soon. :)

  3. Cozy fires and those.

    I just hope you don't have to keep burning your candle at both ends.

    Take care

  4. It sounds like you made a wise decision regarding the job - no need in drowning.

  5. I've nominated you for a blog award. Please come by and check it out. :)

  6. I hope your days level out really soon!

    Love your description of your husband. And IKEA, but we don't have one here.:(

  7. Hang in good to yourself. I like the idea of fitting in some 5-20 minute bursts of execise in your day. You could have fun with that. Every time you have to talk to a could do 10 squats. Leg lifts when on the phone. LOL It might raise some eyebrows...but, hey, it'd be fun.

  8. Hope you can find the perfect balance soon.

  9. Thanks for tagging me! Now I know what I can write about tomorrow. I love some of your things that make you happy: Longwood, where I have visited twice with my best friend, and Ikea! Ok, and the sun, too. And fires, 'cause I'm a pyromaniac at heart.

    Definitely find some time to exercise soon -- it sounds like you need some stress relief.

  10. I've only just dropped by your blog, and I just had to say your progress photos are looking fantastic! What amazing progress :)

    As for your post, I hope you get some time to yourself soon and that you find a chance to exercise. The 10-good-things list is a great idea though.

    Hope things get on the up for you soon.


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