Exercise Addiction?

I nearly felt like crying when I finally got to Zumba today. Well, okay, I didn't actually shed tears, but it felt so great to be back. It's like a party with loud music and people you know where you get to dance with abandon. Women of all ages, sizes, and ethnic backgrounds just wildly shakin' it. Even yesterday, forcing myself to do chest presses, at some point it starts to feel good and gratifying while being simultaneously hard and unpleasant. Some kind of neurotransmitter is kicking in there.

Some room for improvement on the food front. I have been desperately busy all week, and there is Halloween stuff around. I've been fairly mindful but our Halloween Party is tomorrow for which I am painfully underprepared ===> anxious =====> licking a few too many batter spoons. It's nine thirty and I have about a thousand miles to go before I sleep. Wish me luck. I'm gonna need it.


  1. I was confused at first -- I thought you were crying because you weren't happy. I should have known better.


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