Short Pissy Post

It's a packed week. Most of it beyond my control. I had my stuff packed for Zumba, but my poor husband was being pelted with phone calls and issues at work and it would have been decidedly unwifely (unuxorial? or is that just husbands?) to leave him. So I missed Zumba, and I was really upset. Still am. I keep wanting to complain about it in a highly unhelpful manner. I don't know about you guys, but when I plan exercise and bring all the stuff and then am prevented from going, I feel like a rat getting its tail pinched. Stress. There are certain things that keep me happy and when I don't get them I am as snitty as can be. My son needs jeans, which makes me absolutely wild with frustration-- I hate my kids looking shabby in the same thing day after day (childhood issues). I have NO TIME to get him a new pair. My favorite size 16 Geoffrey Beene skirt I used to feel more or less slinky in is now falling off my hips in a totally unalluring way. Finally, my daughter's best friend is going to be a Mouse in the Nutcracker, and she didn't get cast (remember? MY FAULT, for not getting her there 3 times a week), and we're both kind of heartbroken. And I didn't have my shit together with Halloween Invitations this year so our party is going to be small. I'm worried our young guests won't have a good time.

Bourgeois Suffering, as my best friend might gently point out. All I need is a good Zumba class. Or a good cry. I'd prefer the former.


  1. I totally understand your exercise problem. I wanted to go to the Y this morning to workout on the treadmill, but because of the snow, I'm stuck here. So, I think I'll drag the kids through the snow on the sled and hope that burns some calories. A small party can be quite fun, as you get to pay more attention to each person, so just decide to have a good time, and you will!

  2. You deserve a good dose of sympathy,and you have mine, totally. I think sympathy is a good salve even if it doesn't address the problem. I think sympathy says the other person believes it's okay for you to be upset about the things you're upset about, even if from the outside they may look inconsequential to some people.

  3. You have my sympathy too. I have had many a week like that and it is soooo frustrating! I hate having my exercise derailed, even if I know it's for a good cause.

    And it sounds like you need to do some kid clothes and mom clothes shopping!

    Take care,

  4. While it sucks that you missed your workout, it was pretty cool for you to stay with your husband. Oh, and clothes falling off of you is pretty awesome, no matter how it looks.

  5. Aren't blogs great? We can let it all out here and get some good support.

    I'm glad to know I'm not the only one who has stressful days/weeks. I'm sure your husband appreciated your staying with him.

    Oh, and I definitely vote for a shopping trip for both you and kids!! I can't wait until a 16 is falling off my hips. :)

    Hang in there. Remember Anne always says, "tomorrow is a new day with no mistakes in it yet." (Anne of Green Gables)

  6. This week must have just given out bad vibes. The good thing is it will get better. I know the feeling with your kids, the worry and disappointment especially when we feel responsible. It is all life just life.
    So since there is no zumba take a bubble bath and relax for a few minutes. It sounds like YOU could use a little time re-coop. XO

  7. I had the same exercise thing happen to me this week, I was planning on going to Zumba and then my sister called a needed someone to watch her daughter so I skipped it... although I would assume spending time with a giggling niece is more rewarding than helping your husband with phone calls so I got over it pretty quick and then doubled up on work outs the next day.

    Hope your weekend gets happier!

  8. We all lead busy lives. That's why I like walking. No matter what happens in the day, I can always find some time to walk. Either outside or on the treadmill.

  9. You all are the best :) I do have some indoor equipment, so I don't have much of an excuse. I wasn't making Zumba yesterday either, so I did my weights and elliptical at home. Today! Today I have a bag packed and 10:00 Zumba in my sights! Even though I am half-crippled from lunges yesterday... Larkspur


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