And Another Cheat Day, Woot!

My husband looks GREAT. I've known him since he was 21 and he's trimmed down before, but this is the first consistent weight training he's done since college. Of course, being 6'3" and male, he's lost about 14 pounds to my about-5, but that's okay. Working out and eating the grown up stuff has a wonderful doubled effect when you're doing it together-- you get to admire your own improvements, and even better, your spouse's.

It was really hard not to jump Cheat Day on Friday. I had a bite of each of the three kinds of frozen pizza we served the kids yesterday (frozen pizza has improved). Ironically this morning it's hard to decide on which foods are decadent and wonderful enough to deserve stomach room on Cheat Day. Much like All You Can Eat Donut Day (see my post), I have rules for Cheat Day. No stuffing and no getting sick. Trying to eat on a similar schedule, enjoy my decadent food, and be mindful of when I'm full. I had a protein shake with my bagel and cheese this morning (Cheat Food!) as I feel crappy without some protein, but I really like those shakes, so that's okay. Moreover I avoid cherries and nuts and Ezekiel bread, as those are clean-eating treats I can have other days. And I don't do salads.

In other news, I had my hemoglobin tested at my OB appointment because I've been eating a lot of ice lately. Hemoglobin is 9.3, yikes (normal being around 12 and up, with transfusions given below 8). So I'm on iron twice a day. Before I found out I was anemic I was reasonably energetic. Since then I've found myself thinking, "I'm so tiiiiired, I can't do that, my hemoglobin is nine point threeeee..." I did read that a good diet and multivitamin will keep you up if you're up already, but it won't replace lost iron stores. Hopefully I'll feel some improvement over the next month or so. I've been keeping up with my workouts and trying to extend the cardio some, that being the factor I'm trying to alter in order to keep losing pounds.


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