Unresearched Opinions

Aren't they great? I have lots. Especially in opposition to ideas which bug me, such as the Primarian Diet, which as I understand it, is meat, veg and fruit with little to no grains. The argument being that we evolved as hunters and didn't eat starches-- am I right? Guess I should research that too, but that's my hazy understanding of it-- I was too busy trying it on for myself and then rejecting it hastily to grasp the whole concept.


"No reasonable energy source was ignored, and wild seeds were no exception. Indeed, grindstones with adherent plant starch from before 160,000 years ago - when the first recognisably modern humans appear in the fossil record - may have been used to grind grass seeds ." [reliable sounding internet resource]

Even if we don't go back that far, we've been eating grains in one form or another for thousands of years. And evolution doesn't have to take that long. For example, how quickly are young guys who can't pull themselves away from World of Warcraft long enough to watch a movie with their girlfriends going to get eliminated from the gene pool? I think it's going to be like those moths that stood out white on the factory-smoke-blackened tree trunks-- stunning evolution in a very short time indeed.

It's confusing. The healthiest diets statistically seem to be plant-based ones-- and yet we diligent fat-shedders stick to high protein (meat and dairy and their derivatives), fruit, chewy sprouted bread and as many vegetables as we can coaxe ourselves to eat-- which in my case is one salad plus maybe some carrots or artichoke hearts. I know, I know.


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