Limbic System

That's the part of the brain I talked about in the last post, per spouse. Mine is a bit riled because of some posting on the Livestrong Boards.

"OMG this totally sounds like this ass that I work with... I don't think he's retarded or has a mental disability but he lacks basic social skills. He interrupts conversations and does exactly the same things you mentioned in your post. Everything is about him all the time. He doesn't notice subtle hints when people are irritated with him so you basically have to tell him to back off directly to his face for him to get the point - and even then, he's such an idiot that he needs to be told several times this before he gets the message."

Great description of Asperger's and an even better illustration of the amount of tolerance it meets with among the.... well, anyway.

Update for today:

1. Tomorrow is Cheat Day, coinciding with the fifth annual All You Can Eat Donut Day, with the usual caveats of Eat Slow, This is Not a Contest, and Do Not Get Sick. My theory is once a year children should get all the donuts they want.
2. My guts are still gurgling and burbling and twisting and protesting from that damned prep. A low residue diet would have been good but Eating Clean is anything but that.
3. My weight was lower this morning than it's been since I was pregnant with my first, 18 years ago. How about that?


  1. Oh wow, that Aspergers comment... so much hostility there! That's so depressing.

    And I love the idea of all-you-can-eat donut day! I would have loved that as a kid.


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