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I made a frittata I think it was called from Harley P's book. Four egg whites (I used one whole egg), 2-3 T chopped dried fruit (he suggested apples-- I used dates-- H.P. is hard-core), 1/3 c of oatmeal, 1 tsp cinnamon. I cooked it up in a small skillet and it was delicious and also quite filling.

Do not try this silly scale watching habit I've acquired. I actually have two scales in my bathroom and I spend 5 minutes a morning negotiating with them. I got readings anywhere from 182 to 184 (my persuadable analog scale) to 188.6 on the digital scale, which was very insistent on that number until I moved it a few inches and then it was adamant that I'm 186.4. It is embarrassing to even admit this. If I ever post a picture I will be hiding my face in shame. Not about my weight, though I don't advertise that either. Just this whole foolish scaling business.

Yesterday was rest day but I did do about 30 minutes of elliptical "walking" while watching Sleeper on my laptop. Haven't seen it in years but I still get a giggle out of the giant fruit.

Today marks the start of Week Four, which means we only have 2 weeks left. We think we're going to break for a week or two (keeping up the workouts) and then start another cycle.


  1. How frustrating that your scales are so inconsistent!

    I don't think you're alone in obsessing over them. It's so easy to get caught up in numbers because they're so tangible. But at least you realize that it's just a number (and not all that accurate) and you're focusing on the important things, which are healthy eating and exercise!

    And I haven't seen Sleeper in years but must see it again one of these days!


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