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Suffering from Health and Nutrition overload here. Makes me feel like joining some 19th century cult based on Graham Flour and the preservation of Vital Essences. (Oooh... graham crackers and milk... no no. Don't have any anyway). I am going to go with my personal belief, unavoidably shaped by my wary relationship with vegetables. People adapt to eating almost anything, whether it's whale blubber, insects or Twinkies. Some things seem to work better than others, ie spinach vs Swedish Fish. If I'm going to start freaking out about too much dairy (Fage and a cup of skim milk every day) or not enough protein (oatmeal and fruit this morning) or too much fruit, or too much meat, or I shouldn't be eating beans, I am going to chuck it all and go back to cheese quesadillas. Which combined with three pregnancies are hell on the gallbladder, right? Right. Go with what we know.

I guess my fear of food is sharpened by the fact that my mom died at 50 of Non-Hodgekin's Lymphoma. She just burned up in six months like a dry twig. I don't know what went wrong. I do know her immune system was failing before that-- thyroid gone, then asthma, prednisone, bone breaks, then the NHL. I don't know if diet had anything to do with it but I have a hostile fascination with "Cure Yourself By Food" programs. They're so very sure of themselves, and so very hostile towards the others. The Eat to Live guy is positive venomous towards the South Beach Diet, which at bottom is what I think of as a decent whole foods diet with a strong emphasis on vegetables. Ah well-- I think I like Michael Pollan best: Eat food. Mostly plants. Not too much.


  1. I agree--so many of these "experts" who demonize certain food groups that other "experts" say you should be getting a lot more of... it's so hard to keep track!

    It's better to be mostly healthy than try for following any one particular plan 100% and then rebelling a month later and going back to Twinkies!


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