I didn't sign up for the "bra shrinkage" portion of the 5-Factor Program.  Harley neglected to mention that in the book.  Went shopping and bought a black T shirt and a black bra to go with.  (Like anyone would notice a white bra and be outraged, but I wanted one, so there.) I furtively requested the help of the nice fit lady and she pointed out that my D cups were wrinkling on the top.  "I'll get you a C!"  Heeeeyyy...  Took me a bit to remind myself that I am doing this for my HEALTH, for my abnormal BLOOD SUGAR, and not for my bodaciousness.  I am assuming that my breasts won't disappear all together, right?  Right.  Meanwhile I am back on track after my Nasty Procedure and five-F'd this morning.  (Which F's you might ask-- wasn't there some way of flunking out of the army in WW2 known as a 4-f'd?  And there's that part of the brain that regulates F behavior, feeding, fighting, fleeing, and getting Friendly.  I will have to ask the DH which brain part that is.  I want my blog to be educational.


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