Well That Was Interesting

Since I fixed my dad's old glucometer I've been checking my blood sugar in the mornings-- running 101, 104. The Day After (this morning) it was 113. So the diabetes education spiel I rattle off to my patients actually has merit, what d'you know.

I felt, as I usually do, that I didn't handle Cheat Day all that well. I just ate too much. I had candy and cake and Grand Marnier milkshake, plus meals. Took the day off from working out. This morning got back in the saddle (slight digestive difficulties from last night helping to nudge me). Went for a completely fabulous Appalachian Trail walk with the Best-of-Men. I didn't have to wait for tired first graders or horsing around teens, so we booked and it was a ton of fun though very muddy and squelchy. Walked about an hour. I have yet to five factor, will attend to that when digestion permits.


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