Lingerie Shopping

I decided I needed some matching, moderately alluring underwear.  I went to Avenue and tried on some things and decided what I needed more than underwear was to not spend money on things that may or may not fit well in 4 weeks.  I did buy this great skirt with an elastic waist that fits my backside and waist at the same time, not an easy accomplishment.  I am in the 14 at Avenue.  If I do shrink more, I'll miss it.  I like having a moderate number of choices.  It gets very confusing down there in those 10s and 12s.  Besides, the 14 at Avenue is the freakishly tiny size that nobody buys, so there's great sale stuff.  Ah well, bourgeouis suffering.  There was this dress... bare arms, though.  Natch.  I want Michelle Obama arms.  By now you can probably Google her trainer's tell all book.

I five factored early.  Tomorrow is going to be unpleasant.  I have to consume nothing but clear liquids prior all day to a Certain Medical Procedure which is the fate of the over-40 set.  I also have to work and have no control over my schedule so it could get ugly.  Ah well.  I plan to make that my rest day and if I am not totally incapacitated by the CMP I will 5-factor tomorrow, though I think for a colono--- Certain Medical Procedure you are entitled to an extra rest day.  At least.


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