That's over with it. It was awful. Not the test, but the prep solution which awful in so many ways, about 50% because of the gagging and retching, 30% being so wimpy when so many fragile old ladies chug it down, and 20% because I was afraid they couldn't do the test and it would be all to do over again. But they did, all appears well, and I don't have to do it again for ten years. Yay in triplicate.

I had other things to be happy with. My BP was 122/72, which has not always been the case. Resting pulse was respectable at 72. Weight was down six pounds from the last time a dr's office weighed me. But most of all, the sugar bouncer in my cells seems to have been subdued by five-factoring and I got through the clear liquids day without headaches or undue hunger.

I am going to semi-5-F today. I think I may give myself an extra day off this week, unless I feel very bouncy by evening. Now off to bed. Let's hope I don't dream about prep.


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