I am feeling blank and discouraged. To wit:

1. It's cloudy outside.
2. My son's girlfriend booted him and is cavorting happily with her new love all over Facebook. I have to decide whether or not to unfriend her. This is where I turn into Godzilla mom and wonder, why is it other people can't raise teenagers who know how to be decent?
3. I got a battery for my dad's old glucometer and checked my fasting blood sugar. It is the same as last year-- 106.
4. My weight is the same, same, same, same. It's hard not to ask myself why I should go off my previous free-wheeling 2300-2400 calories a day and lots of bread and treats, and be careful and disciplined and high protein and vegetably, to stay the same weight for-- quick check-- roughly 17 days. I have to assume my body's decided it does just fine on 1800 calories minus whatever I'm burning off in exercise.

I did not manage to extend the cardio portion yesterday. I have a rammy seven year old on summer break and a 17 year old coping with his first aborted romance and a 13 year old who is always calm, helpful, kind, and efficient, but does appreciate a little attention now and then. I also have plantar fascitis and I'm pissed off. I think an extra 25 minutes was too ambitious. Maybe I can commit to an extra ten.


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