The Day After

Cheat Day. Man, I felt messed up at around 6 this morning. Some sort of wacky blood sugar thing, probably to be expected after 6 pinwheel cookies, bagel, pizza, etc yesterday. I felt guilty about those pinwheel cookies (I would link a picture, but am afraid it would be Triggering. To me, if nobody else.) This morning of course the scale was down a hair. I'm being moderately scientific here, logging calories and all the rest of it, but metabolism is an inexact process and it is all sort of bewildering. For one thing, I am so HOT. I mean temperature wise. Last night I had to abandon my husband, when sleeping next to him is one of the nicer parts of life, and seek out the guest bed and its cool sheets away from his inferno-level body heat. I am also terribly sleepy today. Don't know if that's a sunny summer Sunday or the result of too much marshmallow filling and chocolate coating from yesterday.

Anyway, back to eatin' clean-- if you count Go Lean Crunch. Can you count Go Lean Crunch? I suspect it's a little too sweet and carb-o-licious. I thought I saw Harley P. standing in front of a box on a clip from the Today Show. It may have been plain old Go Lean, which is pretty much eating twigs. I don't get hungry enough to eat that stuff.

Small triumph: BP was 115/72 today. I've been up in the 130s/140s systolically in the past, so I am always tickled to see this.

*PS I just checked. It was, sadly, Go Lean. I'll pretend I didn't see that.


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