Rest Day

I try to post after my workout but today is Rest Day so I can post whenever I please. It strikes me that we are getting into the meat of the matter here. Well, my meat, the nice pricey fat-marbled kind. (Eww. I retract that analogy.) The first two weeks I dropped 3-5 lbs, depending on how you count, like snap. This is the start of week three and nothing thrilling is going on in the scale department. Nice things have happened with my measurements, to wit:

Chest: didn't measure that, we'll assume what we like
Arm: same (13")
Waist: aha! 32.5
Hip: 44.5
Thigh: 27.5 which for me is a big deal

Now is the part where you slog on through with your berries and your Fage yogurt and your spinach-with-vinaigrette, unsung, unrewarded, until hopefully a whole slab slides off ala Dietgirl:
(Now where did I put that link.... here it is:


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