So I'm following the No S Diet, and I am encountering the following Challenge Points:

1. Is coffee with cream and sugar really ok?
2. Eating a lot of sometimes not great food at meals. The "eating a lot" part has to do with making it to the next meal. The "not great" part, well, I am specifically thinking of last night which was Five Guys. I went from noon to 7 without eating which is practically a lifetime record for me and I was definitely in a "what sounds attractive and is not too much work or time?" space.
3. Weight was rather dreadful today but I will put that down to salt (see earlier) and weight training yesterday-- pleasantly a bit sore today. The progenitor of No S recommends you don't weigh often, but I think I will weigh daily or almost daily because I don't (usually) let it freak me out and I find it a a helpful nudge to behavior.


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