So yesterday was a little weird-- it was very hard to wait for dinner from about 3:30 on, but I did it with help of some juice and seltzer.  I am pretty sure my body released a load of insulin at around 3:30 to cope with my usual after school snack, and when that didn't materialize, my blood sugar went splat. I actually tested it with my dad's glucometer--85 which is fairly splat for a random glucose on a prediabetic person. So my insulin is working, yay for that.  Made it through till dinner, and then again around 8:30 or 9 felt distinctly uncomfortable & antsy. Had hot milk with some hot chocolate mix and felt good after that, able to sleep. I'm just used to steady doses of carbs and my body is having to accept being fed three times a day.  Also I was very thirsty and peeing all day. Strange.

Things I like:

-- not grazing all morning and feeling like a heifer in a field caught chewing her cud (hopefully a large-eyed, mild, adorable heifer, ok?)
--having to think about food only at meal times, although some thought and effort has to go into making those mealtimes filling and nice
-- not getting gnashed between the gears of "everything is bad."

*Just Keep Swimming


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