Careful, Tantor*

This marks one week, and I am thinking I am ready for a tweak, which is to do something about my portions at dinner. Which are large. Because I have often been eating after a less than ideal 7 hour fast. Though I am proud of myself for fasting for 7 hours-- I didn't even know I could.  The other tweak is to try not to eat at 7, because that is a looong time from a 12:15 lunch. In all I think I am doing surprisingly well not snacking, not even particularly tempted yet (resolve is strong so far).

The biggest threat I foresee is getting discouraged because I'm not losing weight, resolving I have to be stricter, and getting strict in ways that feel punitive and unsustainable. So it could go that way.  

Or, I could find that the inconvenience of not snacking or eating candy and desserts during the week is insignificant compared to the inconvenience of being insulin resistant and frequently hungry (or whatever you choose to call it when your stomach is full but your cells are crying out for glucose). I could keep it up and slowly but steadily drop some of my extra pounds.

Nothing exciting happening on the scale but I was not expecting too much yet. If I can drop a couple of pounds this months I will be happy. Ok, three pounds. Three pounds I will be happy. Four pounds I would be happier :)

*So if you've read Jonathan Haidt's Happiness Hypothesis, you know about the elephant and the rider. I picture mine listening attentively while I tell it, "And now, Tantor, I'd like you to weave between the flowerbeds.  Ok?"


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