First Week

I started NoS Thursday afternoon at a deli in Baltimore :)  I am pleased with it/myself so far.  To recap

No sweets
No snacks
No seconds

except on days that begin with S (Saturday, Sunday, Special Days).

Because I am insulin resistant and Large, with imperfect control of my schedule, no snacks scared me. And to be sure, the first few days were hard.  I could feel myself languishing a few hours before a meal.  So I've been less concerned with how big my plates are or whether something qualifies as seconds, and more on eating enough to get through to the next meal. I figure I can always trim the size of my meals once I've got that down. I've also used juice or coffee with cream and sugar to get through. Essentially I'm trying to train my pancreas. Is there an app for that?

As far as the weekends, the plan is to stick pretty much with three meals (pancreas).  The no-sweets during the week thing has not been too bad since there's always fruit.  Last weekend I made some yummy baked things and had them with meals.  I have not generally been what I think of as a binge eater and I don't want to start-- I don't even want to read too much about disordered eating, since it is not a place I want to spend time.  I've seen my dad's lifelong struggle with what I feel is disordered eating and a legalistic relationship with food, and it just makes me sad.  Don't want to live there. And it's very hard, because there is pervasive subtle and not so subtle shaming around obesity.

To strengthen the framework of my resolve:

Snacking an independent cause of fatty liver and belly fat

Two large meals are better than 6 small ones in controlling blood sugar and weight

Dramatic evidence you might want to eat a big brekkie

So what is the nicest thing about NoS so far? The shift from feeling that all food has to be "clean." (There's something Freudian about that, don't you think?) I do mostly eat things with reasonable nutritional value but I do love getting away from the Manichean notion of Good vs Evil.  I mean, I believe in evil and good, but I prefer not to apply those concepts to food.

I may not lose significant weight until my pancreas is trained/I'm able to trim my meals, especially dinner, a bit. But that's okay.  Right, future Larkspur? Right!


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